Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kids Rooms in Adore Magazine

The Australian version of Rue and Lonny "Adore" came out this week with it's third issue focusing on design with a British influence. I'm happy to say it is crawling with children's rooms. I'm sure you have seen a few of them before in blog-land but here they are just in case you missed some of them.

These first two rooms are designed by Jennifer Delonge and are her own children's rooms. If you read my blog you know that the nursery below is one of my all time favorites!

Dan & Lara Einzig's son's nursery (definitely check out the rest of their London flat, love the combination of the rustic, masculine, and eclectic vibe they have going on.)

Jessica Bellemare, owner of The Modern Baby Co.
(Her daughter's name is Osianna, how beautiful and unique!)

A modern circus-inspired bedroom of blogger Ish & Chi's son Robert.

I swear all these on-line magazines seem to come out at the exact time, so I apologize for the mass blogging about what is in them (I have one more for you tomorrow) But I figured that I'd edit and show you the kids rooms if you didn't have time to read them all. If I were an editor, I'd release my magazine in the middle of the month so that people were itching to read something new just after they finished the last of their print and other on-line options. But I guess that is why we blogs are so popular...you just can't get enough of design!


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