Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring Shopping with Sheridan French

Sheridan French joins us today to give us some children's fashion inspiration to start off your week on a happy note bringing thoughts of warm beach weather! We've had a rainy and windy weekend here in Los Angeles so I'm ready for some warm sunshine too!

I scoured website after website for THE perfect diaper bag for our new little addition (better later than never), I stumbled upon the most adorable children's clothing at Layla Grayce. Has anyone ever heard of Decaf Plush? Where have I been? The retro-inspired looks they offer are precious beyond words for babies and toddlers alike. Original illustrations are appliqued in felt to create charming pieces with an eclectic-modern flair. I can easily see these pieces becoming treasured hand-me-downs.

Whenever I need the perfect accessories to really kick an outfit up a notch I head over to J.Crew. They hit the nail on the head every time. Using Decaf Plush's pink cord dress as a base, bring out the rich tones with complimentary shades of warm orange and bright yellow. I have to tell you that I was thrilled beyond words to see that Decaf Plush has just as adorable boys clothes as they do girls. Their t-shirts and hoodies are fantastic and it was tough for me to select just one to feature. I went with the pirate ship and, since I have never met a skull and cross bone I didn't like, appropriately paired it with board shorts featuring the image as well as a bracelet. Also, if you haven't heard of the New Balance/J.Crew collaboration, get with the program and head over to J.Crew's site to purchase a pair for your hooligan. The iconic shoe gurus have created special colors only available through J.Crew, and the electric blue ones will make any outfit instantly join the ranks of old-school cool. Why deprive your child of that?!

Happy shopping!
xoxo Sheridan French
The Southern Eclectic


Thanks Sheridan! I personally think Decaf Plush's Pillows are adorable too!

Can't wait to see the Oscar dresses and winners tonight!


  1. Just checked out Sheridan's website/blog while watching the Oscars...she is fabulous!

  2. Yes very talented and has such a great vibe!


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