Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sugar Snap Pea in Charleston

I'm not sure if you all remember but I was lucky enough to spend New Years in Charleston, South Carolina a few weeks ago and one of the lovely stores that I stopped into was called Sugar Snap Pea. It is a chic children's store specializing in clothing and gifts for the modern infant and toddler.

Their website summarizes the concept behind the store beautifully with the breakdown of their name : "Sugar embodies sweet, southern elegance and charm; snap represents a fresh, modern approach to parenthood; and pea: because it's your little one!"

Some of the lines they carry include: Tea Collection, Neige, Dwell, Tooby Doo, Argington Furniture, Trip Trapp, Boon & Acoustic. So as you can see a little bit of everything that is hip!

Here are some photos of the store when I was there a few weeks ago. Very full of goodies all stocked up for the holidays. Rumor has it that they are so busy that they are thinking of expanding the lines in the store to go up past toddler and are adding maternity active wear and classes in the back room of the store...updates anyone?

The owner definitely knows what she is doing (she used to work for Martha Stewart Magazine) as the style & shopping environment in the Sugar Snap Pea is right on. To see where she got some of her inspirations for the store check her blog post here on the store's blog.

The on-line store is coming soon in 2011, but in the meantime feel free to call the store. The girls that work there are very helpful and I hear the owner is a doll (sadly did not get a chance to meet her.)

161 1/2 King Street
Charleston, SC 29401


  1. What an adorable shop. I'll have to get some Charleston recommendations from you, will be there in May.

  2. what an honor. THANK YOU! Please come back soon!!

  3. Definitely stop at SOM (South of Market) for decor and Nieuxtemps for hostess/wedding gifts.

  4. I'm lucky enough to live in Charleston, and yes Sugar Snap Pea is rockin. I can't wait for my little girl to reach 2t sizes...
    Cute blog!

  5. Just found your blog, and I love it! I too live in Charleston, and adore Sugar Snap Pea! They have the most precious things in there!