Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bringing Calypso Home

Calypso's new spring home line is now available on-line. I drove up to Los Angeles last week to check out the collection in person and was inspired by the store and the wonderful way it was merchandised.

The new rugs are to DIE for, available in a large selection of colors and sizes and in-stock! I believe they are in competition with the Madeline Weinrib rugs, which are more colorful but much more expensive with up to a 16 week lead time.

The Pushkar Jaipuri Rug in pink was one of my favorites in person and I just had to create a quick inspiration board around it, inspired by it and other pieces from the Calypso Home Collection:

To view additional details such as the sources on the inspiration board, please visit my post on Project Nursery today!


  1. That crib and rug combo is my very favorite thing you have ever put together on here I think! Absolutely melting over the pink and yellow. Almost enough inspiration to want to have baby #3. (Almost being the operative word ;)

  2. We love calypso home! Great Inspiration board!

  3. Thanks guys! I love it too, ready to have a girl!