Monday, March 7, 2011

Designing with Purple

I've been working on collecting images for this post for quite some time now. Finally I think I have enough to show you how purple works in almost any style of children's room. Trust me, I used to not be a fan of purple but now I'm digging the soft and sophisticated traits of the color. Since it sits opposite of yellow on the color wheel, it has the opposite effect of energetic yellow which is calming. It is also associated with wisdom, dignity, creativity, imagination and spirituality.

I think my turning point regarding my view of the color came when my mom gave me the book Style Saladino by John Saladino a few years ago when I was taking interior design classes at UCLA.

He was one of the first contemporary designers to bring that dusty purple that we all love into mainstream sophisticated adult interiors, mainly pairing it with mediterranean inspired homes, antiques, iron, linen and stone.

Since then purple/lavender started popping up in adult and not only children's interiors. Here are a few of my favorite shots of purple rooms. Some are traditional, some eclectic and some modern. Which are your favorites?

An eclectic girl's room above by Zoldan Interiors, and a more glamorous take on purple below by the same designer with the mirrored dresser and velvet headboard.

A vintage take on purple paired with pink designed by Nathan Turner featured on Domicle

Romantic with a little custom kick designed by Ruthie Sommers

Soft and simple, the classical pairing of lavender and green designed by Natasha Baradaran.

There is that Victoria Hagan fabric haunting me again! Image via Project Nursery

I can't seem to find the designer for this one but saw the photo on Pink Wallpaper (another favorite blog). The carpet makes this room.

One of my own client's rooms, again we let the Stark carpet and the Osborne & Little fabric on the windows steal the show.

A child's room by Miles Reed via Habitually Chic

An adult room which could easily translate into a child's with a few stuffed animals and a lucite chair. Design by Mark Ashby Design

Lavender and green again mixing traditional and modern furniture by Amy Weitzman

A soft romantic room designed by Pamela Pierce via Cote de Texas

One of our fearless pattern and color designers Amanda Nisbet featured in Coastal Living

Another design which I'm sure all of you have seen many times already by Amanda Nisbet. (Everyone loves the headboard).

A nursery designed by Lonni Paul for Tiffany Thiessen.
(both founders of PetitNest furniture)

This is one of my favorites, designed by Kelly Wearstler.
I just love the color combo (you've seen this one a few times on my blog already.)

Not much actually purple here besides the bunkbeds, but they make quite the statement. The room was designed by Annette Joseph for Gweneth Paltrow featured on her newsletter Goop.

A playroom with subtle splashes of lavender, featured on Pink Wallpaper

A bold take on lavender with stripes in a room designed by Lucy & Company.

Just for kicks because I am dying to go there, a room at the J.K. Hotel in Capri

Oh and the first image, with those wonderful chrome twin canopy beds, is by Hamilton Design Associates


  1. Anything Amanda Nisbet is fabulous, but that Kelly Wearstler room is one of my absolute favorites!!

  2. I love using purple for children's rooms. My dining room was purple once.

  3. I believe the designer of the room with the purple carpet and twin beds is Laura Stern.
    Love your blog!!

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