Tuesday, March 29, 2011

High vs Low - Storage Chest

I've been eyeing this chest for a while. One of my clients has it in her entryway (Image & design by Waterleaf Interiors) It makes a perfect entry hallway piece or a nice linen chest. I think it would be perfect in almost any room of the house really.

It is absolutely gorgeous and even prettier in person. The Essex Chest is available in an assortment of wonderful colors. The original design is by Somerset Bay and available at Layla Grayce here for $3450. The piece is hand painted and made-to-order which warrants its high price tag and 16 week lead time. The paint finish really sets the Somerset Bay piece apart. It involves a 6-step finishing process which creates the lovely patina.

Now if you can't wait, love the look, aren't looking for a high quality piece and don't mind putting furniture together (assembly required). The Left Bank Chest available at Home Decorator's Collection is almost an exact copy of the look for only $259 in stock. (I still can't believe they are allowed to do this). Note that the dimensions and quality of the piece are not the same. But for 1/10 of the price you would not expect it to be. If you read the comments readers do state that the color on the site is off but some people also really liked the color. I have not seen this in person so am not standing by this product like I can for the Somerset Bay piece, but isn't this a dramatic High vs Low? I had to share!


  1. That just might be one of the best examples of how vs low! It is a stunning piece of furniture!

  2. Great find! They look exactly the same to me - in fact I like the blue/affordable version better:)

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