Friday, March 18, 2011

weeDECOR Giveaway Winner

We have a winner for our weeDECOR decal giveaway! Lucky number 16! Since we had 27 entries I needed some computer help this time picking a number instead of grabbing a number out of a hat. I used this wonderful service called Random.Org to help pick the winner (think this could work in my household on deciding who gets to change the dirty diaper?).

Anyways, Ines you are our lucky winner! Please e-mail me at ( with your e-mail and phone number and weeDECOR will be contacting you about ordering your free decal.

Stay tuned next week, we have another wonderful decor giveaway in the works. Enjoy your weekend! I'm in Palm Desert soaking up the sun and trying to teach my little boy how to swim and hit golf balls!


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