Sunday, April 3, 2011

Andrika King Design on Tumblr

It's official, I've joined tumblr, like it more than twitter because I'm a visual person more of a chatter so need and want photos with posts.

Here is my account if you all want to follow me

I'll be posting numerous times a day about things I like while shopping, working on client projects, as well as tips on travel and food and of course child-related items too!

Enjoy and I hope you follow me! If you are on tumblr, let me know, I'd love to follow you all too. Or let me know your favorite tumblr accounts. Still learning so bear with me. I'll be posting lots of images and thoughts while I am on vacation in Texas. For example, this photo of my little sister's vignette at her front door entrance. - Love it - so impressed! - She definitely inherited my mom's design genes!


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