Monday, April 11, 2011

Guest Post: Spring Fashion for the Pregnant Mom

I'm happy to introduce a new guest writer today - Misty Austin. Misty is a Fashion Consultant in Los Angeles and can help anyone, even pregnant moms who can't find anything cute to wear look amazing. She is 5 months pregnant herself and always looks stunning! (I can't wait to see what she dresses her little girl in.)

Misty will be making monthly "mom" style contributions to Nursery Notations so stay tuned for some more great posts and inspirations for the season...Misty take it away...

Spring fashion is ideal for the pregnant woman and I'm not just saying this because I'm 5 months pregnant! With spring silhouettes hitting the retail floor I get excited for the season to begin. Who needs maternity wear when you have so many bump-proof choices?

With the 60's and 70's finding their way back into our lives we see the lovely and comfortable maxi dress once again. The maxi dress comes in all different lengths from calf, to floor length, in all colors to flower power fabric. With that, we also see billowing babies, swingy dresses, bell-bottoms, and pleated skirts and crochet looks. These shapes will make any pregnant woman look hot, yet stay cool.

Bright color or no colors are the options for spring. With nude and pale colors rearing its head again the opposit hits with a splash of neon colors like bright pink, yellow, and green. Orange also plays a roll in the color story for spring. All off these colors are seen in apparel, footwear, accessories and nail poilish. So, if bright pink is not your color you can always opt for a cute pink pair of shoes or a splash of color onto your nails.

With shoes, living life on the wedge is in full swing as we are seeing part-platform, part-wedge with the comfiest cool-girl shoes we've ween in a while. The look is ideal for pregnant women. Seeing I won't give up height just because I'm pregnant, your feet will thank you for giving them a break from stilettos. We also see baske weave. cork, and rattan bottoms on a great wedge heel.

So enjoy the bright colors, loose fitting fabric and adorable platforms. Spring is here and the fashion is perfect for being pregnant!

Misty Austin

Fashion Consultant



  1. I know many people will enjoy this column! Personally, I bought very few maternity clothes when I was expecting my kiddies. I love the inspiration board you've shown.

  2. Great column idea. I wish I had Misty's help last summer. Can the next guest column be a makeup artist with advice on looking good while getting less sleep...

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