Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Modern Beach-Inspired Nursery Update

I can't tell you how many comments and e-mails I've received from readers dying to know and see more of this nursery. Unfortunately I can't divulge all the secrets as my client is the one who paid me for the design. But I do give away a few tips and sources on my Project Nursery gallery HERE.

Here are a few more photos of the room in case you don't have time to hop over there and take a look. Note that these photos are just from my camera, so not professional and they were taken at night so you don't get the best feel of the room but you can get the idea of how it turned out.

Probably most of the comments that I receive are about the paint colors and the bedding. The bedding was custom designed by us and made by a wonderful bedding company called Bebe Chic. Their designs and custom services are available at specialty boutiques around the country and on a few select on-line sites. And of course, I can help you design a custom set in person or virtually.


  1. It is absolutely precious...love the light fixture and I'm a total sucker for anything bla bla!!

  2. Love this room! Great use use of color on the walls and ceiling.

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