Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Son's Toddler Transitional Room Update

It is sad but at the same time exciting when it is time to transition your toddler out of their nursery into a toddler or big kids room. I'd actually say that half of my clients are requesting this service and the other half is for nurseries for second children. Why is this? I think new moms have more time to design their first child's nursery. Everything is new and exciting. You read all the baby books, keep a journal and don't drink caffeine. The second or third time around, moms are busy attending to their other children and are a little overwhelmed with the idea of designing a new toddler room as well as a new nursery at the same time (especially if baby #1 is still in a crib when baby #2 is almost here).

Well my son's perfect nursery has transitioned into a toddler transitional room. The bumper is gone, crib lowered and only used for night sleeping. We are almost finished with a minor remodel here at our house and I wanted my son to feel comfortable in his big boy bed before we transitioned him into a new room completely. This room is packed with storage, toys and a crib and daybed, but that is what you get for not having a playroom.

My new favorite item in the room is his Newport Cottages custom Rickie Daybed. We finished it in glossy white with square edges to match the finish and design on his Netto Collection pieces already in the room. When he does move into his new room, his dresser will go with him, so I needed a piece which still looked modern without being too cold.

For more images visit my post and gallery on Project Nursery.

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