Thursday, April 21, 2011

Plush Event in Los Angeles

I'm happy to announce that I will participating the the Plush Event in Los Angeles with Project Nursery on Saturday June 5th. This is Los Angeles's premier LUXURY family event for expectant moms and dads, parents, babies and toddlers.

Want more details?
Saturday June 5th from 11-4 pm
Hotel Vibiana in downtown Los Angeles

You can find me at the Project Nursery booth, tickets available HERE for $25. With your ticket you get entrance into the event as well as a swag bag and a free luxury dessert. There will be lots of free GIVEAWAYS, arts & crafts activities for kids. So if you are around that weekend, stop by and say hi! Would love to meet you all and answer some questions for you for free!

The sponsors are listed below but the list of exhibitors includes many more wonderful baby and toddler focused companies.


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