Monday, May 2, 2011

Guest Post & Giveaway from Annette Tatum

Last week I wrote about the debut of the new on-line site for Annette Tatum HERE. Well this week she is contributing a guest post on Nursery Notations.

As a mother of four children I know all to well that when it comes to my children's rooms what I like for room decor may not necessarily be popular with my kids. When I was an expecting mother and I was setting up the nursery for their arrival, I had complete control of what the room should look like and feel like. I essentially designed the room I never had. Choosing colors that I liked, choosing accessories and deciding what elements the room needed.

As time passed and each child grew into themselves, each one started to exert his or her own personalities. I found out very quickly that I need to "honor" the individuality of all my children and allow them to create their own personal space. Gone are the themes I had so perfectly planned for each one of their rooms and here today are the unique expressions of each of them. I always have said for some of us to pay attention to how we "create" our style every day in our dress and watch how similar our home decor might mirror our choices. I have found this to be true for my children as well. The space they call "their room" is a reflection of their own personal style which plays out daily in their dress, their ideas and creative spirit.

I love the idea of exploring the individual child and seeing what they might make as a genuine, honest choice for themselves that are a pure reflection of who they are. I adore creating rooms layered with treasures and mementos that remind us of events or special times of the passing years. Like the child in all of us, we are constantly adding and subtracting to the layers of our lives as our path weaves its journey through our experience.

Little girl in transition...a room filled with sweet reflections.

Taking the not so obvious...creating new ideas and possibilities...

Soft and sweet...quietly making a statement.

Special moments and mementos...everyone has treasures.

No fuss...silly, silly girl.

Thank you for the inspirational post Annette! If you want more inspirations from Annette, she has a wonderful blog and also wrote a guest post on House of Turquoise yesterday.

In honor of Mother's Day Annette Tatum is offering Nursery Notations readers 10% off their entire order with promotional code "mimi". (Offer valid through Sunday May 8, 2011)

Additionally, leave a comment below with your e-mail address and you will be entered into a giveaway for one of their 12"x12" faux fur "mimi" bunny blankets (valued at $42). Perfect for little ones in your choice of color - cream, pink or tan. (I have the large ones as throw tv blankets and am in love with them.) Winner announced next week.


  1. Thanks for the amazing giveaway! This looks like such a wonderful snuggly blanket for my baby girl (due in July).

  2. Thanks for a fantastic giveaway! Love their blankets!

  3. Annette is too cute! What a nice post.

    Munchkin would love a new bankie :)

    Thanks Andrika!

  4. Love this post! Our baby girl (arriving in August) would look too cute wrapped up in one of these fabulous faux-fur blankets for her first Nashville winter.

  5. Great post! One of my four grandchildren would love this soft, soft, blanket:) Please pick me!

  6. The space they call "their room" is a reflection of their own personal style which plays out daily in their dress, their ideas and creative spirit.

    My favorite part of your post! Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a cosy look! A cute cream one would be great.

  8. Thanks for the lovely giveaway. Love the thought of cuddling her up in a cute little cozy bunny soft wrap.

  9. You know I would squeeze my self under that blanket with my wee one!

  10. Would love that little blanket for my boy!

  11. Awesome post. Miss T needs a new cuddle blanket, too!

    kellyamcclure at aol dot com

  12. Great post!

  13. Grandbaby would love this snuggly blanket!!!
    What a nice giveaway.

  14. love your post and the beautiful blanket!

  15. Love her designs! And I'd love a new blankie!

  16. Thank you Annette for the inspiration!

  17. This is so cute and so clever!! I really love this!

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