Thursday, June 30, 2011

College Grad Gift

Looking for a unique gift to give a recent college graduate? How about one of these world scratch off maps from Urban Outfitters? Perfect for the grad who is spending the summer traveling the world jumping from hostel to hostel and only $34.

Remember those glory years without real responsibility before you started your first big job out of college? Take me back 15 years please! I'm lucky if I make it out of the country more than once a year now!

High Street Market Vintage Baby Sale

No time to run to your local flea market to find vintage accessories for your children's room? Don't fret, the High Street Market children's sale starts today! Hurry, items are one of a kind.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Guest Post on Simplified Bee Series- What Would You Do ?

One of my favorite blogs, Simplified Bee, asked me to be a part of their popular blogger designer series entitled "What Would You Do?". Each guest writer was to design a room around the same piece of furniture picked out by Cristin.

In this series she picked this fabulous hourglass table designed by Bunny Williams for her line Beeline Home. I of course had to use it in a children's room design and thought it would make a spectacular (but expensive) side table which could later be transferred into another room in the house once baby started walking.

Click HERE to see the full post and sources for the items on the inspiration board as well as the designs by the other talented bloggers and designers featured: Rashon Carraway of Mr. Goodwill Hunting, Danika Herrick from Gorgeous Shiny Things and Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar. Thanks for having me Cristin!

What do you guys think? Don't you love the idea of the series and seeing how different designers interpret the same piece of furniture?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Children's Rooms in High Gloss Issue #3

The latest issue of High Gloss Magazine came out this week. They have wonderful interviews worth reading as well as some great shopping guides and decor to feast your eyes on.

As far as relating to children's design, a nursery & baby shower created by brand stylist, Erika Brechtel of Small Shop was the big feature.

I think everyone loves the La Fiorentina fabric pattern by David Hicks. Well she used this to start the inspiration of her nursery design and baby shower decor theme for a friend's baby boy.
This is truly such a pretty and calm space. Well done!

These all time reader favorite's rooms by Elizabeth Dinkel Design (below) are also featured in the issue, as well as an interview of the designer by Paloma herself.

Don't you love this family room? The flooding light, window treatments, and happy color palette are perfect! (Photography by Karyn Millet)

P.S....I'm painting the ceiling in my new nursery this peachy color...yes it's a girl! And here is my rug! (In a slight color variation.) It is designed and custom made by my new favorite rug company Custom Cool. It would look good in the room above actually!

Bedroom Storage & Play Solutions

design by Erica Islas, photographed by David Young-Wolff

The boys room designed above by Erica Islas is a perfect example of how to add more storage into a small shared room. Don't you love the secret space below? There is even a climbing rope in the back.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Guest Blogger: Sheridan French's Mommy & Me Outfits

Hi readers! I had so much fun putting this inspiration board together. I typically just do children's outfits for Andrika, but I came across that dress from Top Shop and HAD to work it in somehow! So, here is an uber-stylish family outing complete with snack packs, wildflower seeds and a bag for mom large enough to hold her iPad with the latest issues of Lonny and Rue on it, obviously. Casual, breezy and perfectly suited for summer with light weight fabrics on top, sturdy denim on the bottoms and adorable accessories for all, this pack knows how to do warm-weather chic.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you over at my own blog The Southern Eclectic. I'd love for you to enter my current giveaway as well for a chance to get your hands on one of my goodies from my Spring 2011 Collection, found HERE.

Relaxing by the Pool

Don't these pool tents just scream summer pool party?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Touch of Lavender by Andrika King Design

I know how much you all like before & after photos so here is a project I completed a few months ago. It is actually the younger sister to this room.



My client moved into a wonderfully modern house from a previous more traditional style. We updated the look and created a more harmonious flow by adding contemporary accessories.

Clean white walls are always safe and crisp, but we thought the room needed an extra punch of pizazz so we painted the back wall a very soft almost grey shade of lavender. To see more detailed photos of the space visit my Project Nursery gallery here.

Stay tuned because in a few short months we will be transitioning this room into a new boy's nursery and transferring this lavender scheme into a toddler room.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Dwell on Design

I'm headed to the Dwell on Design conference in Los Angeles this weekend. I'm hoping to discover some new and exciting lines to share with you all. Designers and manufacturers in the modern design arena will be exhibiting and sharing tips on how to family-ize a modern home. Open to the public Saturday & Sunday so if you have time come on downtown.

Here are some photos of the modern family zone at the exhibition taken by photographer Peter Williams:

Exhibitor IdeaPaint shows you how you can turn your wall into an instant dry-erase board!

If you live in Los Angeles come visit!

Bedding for the Teen

The Macbeth Collection, makers of those boldly patterned tin storage bin baskets & accessories that we all love (below), now has a bedding line available at Macy's perfect for teens. These prints are bold so not for the faint of heart but in a stark white room with minimal color accents (maybe on the trim) they could look pretty darn good. Now I can't vouch for the quality as I have not seen them in person, so anyone please let me know if you have.

Use code HOTONE at checkout at Macy's and get 15% off your purchase of the new bedding!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sommer Photography

When I was back in my hometown Fort Worth, Texas for Memorial Day, my mom hired Sommer Carlin of Sommer Photography to come take some shots of the kids for father's day gifts. She heard of Sommer through Sheridan French, editor of the blog The Southern Eclectic (she is also a monthly guest blogger here).

I was very impressed with her team and their work. Three girls came out to take the photos. One to be an assistant and one to purely get the kid's attention. My son loved them (I'm sure it helped that they were all very pretty.) I knew the pictures were going to be good but then I saw some of these proofs on her blog yesterday and was completely blown away! They really captured the true personality of my son and I love all the photos! I can't wait to see the entire proof book.

I you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex area and need any photography shots taken, these are your gals.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Great Summer Room

I love everything about this room featured on the Zhush this week from Architectural Digest June 2011. First off as you faithful readers know, turquoise is my favorite color. When paired with orange the mood of the room is instantly happy and makes me think of the summer. Must be the idea of a sunset over a beach. Lets see, what else do I like about the room - the China Seas wallpaper of course! Paired with simple complimentary bedding, it makes the room instantly chic!

Budget Nursery Decor Article

Just a standard re-post, but I thought this article from Apartment Therapy was worth sharing with you all: On the Cheap: 10 Sources for New Parents on a Budget

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bohemian Chic Girl's Room by Sissy & Marley

Sissy & Marley is the premier and hot new baby planner and concierge in New York City. Not only can they help you find everything you need to set up your nursery and home and social schedule but they now offer complete design services in the city and e-design services for those who live afar.

This is one of their newest designs for a little girl named Ava in New York. The look is Bohemian Chic with a simple color combination of white and layered tones of pink. The design is beautiful and understated. Although modern in design, the feminine touches of the fabric birds and ornate mirrors definitely softens the overall feeling of the room.

For more information on the sources for the items used in this girl's room design, visit their interview on Ohdeedoh a few weeks ago. This design was a part of their Instantly Chic "design in a box" service. Honestly I would not usually advertise other designer's services but I'm so swamped with full service design clients here in Los Angeles, so I love to have all the resources possible to defer inquiries to.

Also if you don't follow their blog, you should start today. They have such wonderful daily inspiration boards which range from decor to outfits to gifts for the whole family. Tastefully done Here is a taste of their daily designs below:

Monday, June 20, 2011

Twin-Inspired Artwork

I'm working with a client in Atlanta on a few finishing touches for her nursery for her twin girls. Bedding is ordered, glider re-covered and next up we need to order some artwork and the rug.

When having twins I think it is fun to incorporate some sort of sibling-inspired artwork into the room. Here are a three favorite pieces suitable for an array of decor styles.

Hatched - 14x14

Two of a Kind - 14x10 or 24x18
(available in pink, blue and teal)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Adult Playroom Inspiration

This image was shared over the weekend by Paloma from La Dolce Vita. Well not only does it perfectly reflect the feeling of summer and playfulness, but I think it could make a wonderful playroom design. Plenty of room for parents and older children to put their feet up to read and watch TV. A plethora of library space for books and board games. All you need is a play kitchen or dress up area in there and you are set!

Happy Father's Day

I am so thankful for all the wonderful father's in my life.

My husband Bill such a good father to our son. I could not have wished for a more hands on dad for Tripp who loves to spend time with him playing sports, talking walks on the beach and reading books at night. He even took him up to Thousand Oaks (an hour north) yesterday just to see some trucks, trains, tractors and helicopters on a dad's day out after we did not get home till midnight from the east coast the night before. Thank you Bill for putting your family first and for loving us so much. Everyday spent with you is more than I could ever ask for.

The next father I'd like to thank is my dad, "Dido" to Tripp. He always took us everywhere with him as children, to the hospital to make rounds, to the museums ever Sunday, and abroad on crazy road trips in Europe. He helped shape the woman who I am to exposing us to so much at such an early age in life. He always clears his schedule to make time for us when we go back to Texas for a visit and loves showing my son all of the things he used to do with us as children.

I hear lots of people pity themselves for their parents getting divorced when they were younger but it was a blessing for our family. I got two wonderful new siblings who I consider my own sister and brother and a step-father who always treated us as one of his own. When people ask how large my family was growing up I always say I was raised as one of five. I think that is why I love having people over. My step-father, "Poppy" to Tripp, introduced me to UNC where I met my husband Bill. Without his guiding influence in my life, I'm not sure where I'd be now. When we go back to Texas he loves taking my son on golf cart rides and teaching him how to play tennis.

The fourth father in my life is my father-in-law, "Granddaddy" to Tripp. I could not have married into a more loving family. We are so lucky that they only live a few minutes away from us so we get to spend a lot of time together. He is counting the days until he can play in the Grandfather/Grandson golf tournament with his grandson. BBQ's at the Kings is a summer staple and he is a master at the grill, I hope he teaches our little guy his skills!

Enjoy your father's day!