Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bohemian Chic Girl's Room by Sissy & Marley

Sissy & Marley is the premier and hot new baby planner and concierge in New York City. Not only can they help you find everything you need to set up your nursery and home and social schedule but they now offer complete design services in the city and e-design services for those who live afar.

This is one of their newest designs for a little girl named Ava in New York. The look is Bohemian Chic with a simple color combination of white and layered tones of pink. The design is beautiful and understated. Although modern in design, the feminine touches of the fabric birds and ornate mirrors definitely softens the overall feeling of the room.

For more information on the sources for the items used in this girl's room design, visit their interview on Ohdeedoh a few weeks ago. This design was a part of their Instantly Chic "design in a box" service. Honestly I would not usually advertise other designer's services but I'm so swamped with full service design clients here in Los Angeles, so I love to have all the resources possible to defer inquiries to.

Also if you don't follow their blog, you should start today. They have such wonderful daily inspiration boards which range from decor to outfits to gifts for the whole family. Tastefully done Here is a taste of their daily designs below:


  1. Gorgeous if you have that kind of budget...that room is big bucks!

  2. Yes true, but use it as inspiration and use Ikea and West Elm pieces for a similar look...hmm I see a future blog post here! To Be continued....

  3. This room is gorgeous. I love how clean it is but fun at the same time. Thanks for introducing me to Sissy & Marley.

  4. I love how clean and bright that room is. Just the right amount of pink. My little girl would probably have hand prints all over those pretty fresh walls within a fortnight.

  5. Its so lean that i want it. But i fear she would mess it all up with days...