Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Guest Post on Simplified Bee Series- What Would You Do ?

One of my favorite blogs, Simplified Bee, asked me to be a part of their popular blogger designer series entitled "What Would You Do?". Each guest writer was to design a room around the same piece of furniture picked out by Cristin.

In this series she picked this fabulous hourglass table designed by Bunny Williams for her line Beeline Home. I of course had to use it in a children's room design and thought it would make a spectacular (but expensive) side table which could later be transferred into another room in the house once baby started walking.

Click HERE to see the full post and sources for the items on the inspiration board as well as the designs by the other talented bloggers and designers featured: Rashon Carraway of Mr. Goodwill Hunting, Danika Herrick from Gorgeous Shiny Things and Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar. Thanks for having me Cristin!

What do you guys think? Don't you love the idea of the series and seeing how different designers interpret the same piece of furniture?

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