Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sneak Peak - PLUSH Event Photos

Here is a quick sneak peak from the PLUSH (Posh Little Urbanites Show) in Los Angeles today. These are just a few photos I took with my point-n-click camera.
Professional ones will be showcased on Project Nursery this week.

The beautiful stage with a custom paper flower showcase and Newport Cottages Rickie crib with Annette Tatum bedding which was the biggest raffle prize.

The entrance of the Project Nursery/Petit Nest booth.

The booth looking in from the entrance just before the doors were open.

Petit Nest's Odette glider with an adorable new mini prototype.

The baby shower dessert bar was designed by Rebecca from Fresh Chic Design Studio who helped us answer questions at the booth today. The unique strawberry pie pops were by Cakewalk Desserts. Those were new to me and looked so tasty and unique.

More designs in the works from Petit Nest and a few additional photos of the event:

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