Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kid's Rooms in Issue 6 of Rue Magazine

The 6th Issue of Rue Magazine went live today. Definitely worth a look for some weekend iPad reading. The on-line magazine takes us on more of culinary and worldly adventure than previous issues. The photographs are beautiful and inspiring. The only child's room this issue is featured below:

The small nursery was designed by Joanna Swanson and featured in the "750 Square Feet in Stockholm" article. I'm definitely attracted to the whimsical dream-like mural on the wall. Since this room is so small, it needed a large statement of visual interest on at least one wall to break up the white walls and furniture.

How many of you have children who sleep in basically glorified closets? I'm seeing this as more of a trend for growing families not ready to move yet. Honestly it makes sense for when the child is a baby. All they need is a place to sleep right? Play time can be transitioned into any other room of the house.


  1. That home was my favorite part of the mag, though there was lots of inspiration to enjoy in this issue of Rue!

  2. Love Rue and love this post on kids rooms. If you like owls please check out our owl chair at

  3. My dear friend Bridget lives with her husband and nearly 1-year-old daughter in San Francisco. Check out the tiny but adorable nursery they created themselves featured on Ohdeedoh:

  4. That room looks so cozy and fun! I have to read this issue of Rue...haven't gotten to it yet. xoxo

  5. We got creative in our one bedroom apartment and transformed our bedroom closet into a cozy 'Nook' for our daughter. It's beautiful, functional and I'm now convinced that a 'room' for baby can be anything you dream up. Check it out:
    ... and on Ohdeedoh: