Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Books As Decor

I headed over straight to Amazon to purchase these Clothbound Penguin Classic Children's books after reading about them on Simplified Bee last week. They are the perfect addition to my daughter's nursery-in-progress. Yes I will not be reading these to her for a few more years but they will look stunning on her gilt pagoda bookshelf.

The collection of cloth covered Penguin Classics is quite large and all of the covers are stunning. I even purchased a few for my son's room and my personal bookshelf. You can purchase the entire collection from Juniper Books for $240. Anthropologie carries a few on their site and in their stores too if you want to see them in person.

Now Juniper Books (introduced to me by Elements of Style) is another wonderful source to help beautify your library. They can design and print you custom jackets and covers for the books in your library from your children's rooms to your more formal den. Here are some examples:

Different books with different heights, but they created a common theme for the new jackets to create a new design.

An interior designer commissioned this job for a little girl's room. She loves Nancy Drew but they wanted the jackets to be pink instead of yellow.

I like this grouping for a teenage boy's room. The title and author are written very small in the large letters. Cool right!?

This peach variation is not very practical since you can't see the title but still pretty if you are just going for the strict decorative look.

This last example works in any decor, preferably in a living room or bedroom I think.

Now off to find some bookends...


  1. I recently read about these. Books are a lovely touch to any room, and belong in just about every room in your home! :)

  2. I've got some of the penguin classics in my bedroom and the children's collection is on my wishlist.
    Also a huge fan of Juniper Books. So fun to browse the site for inspiration.

  3. Love having classic books in kid's rooms and cloth bound brings back memories of my school library. Almost like having vintage books but without worrying about fragile pages and binding. Thanks for sharing!

  4. FYI there are more than Anthropologie has featured in that pic! Black Beauty is about to be released on Sept 8th as is The Wind in the Willows.

  5. No credit to the people who made all of the book jackets pictured? I'd love to see who made them, but, alas, everyone has just ripped off their work to post on their own blogs...sad.

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