Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Glow

A friend of mine sent me a link to the site "The Glow" this week and I was inspired in so many ways. The website not only features talented and creative moms, but the photography is superb and captures intimate "real" mother/child moments as well as beautiful interior shots of the children's rooms. Take notice how almost all of the shots have this almost ethereal "glow" somewhere in the photo. The site title is a fun play on words, "glow" coming from the light and "glow" which women have when being pregnant and having children.

The stunning mother and daughter above are Jeanann & little Ruby Williams. Jeanann is the creative director of True Religion in their house in Montauk, NY. Isn't little Ruby's room below just so comfortably eclectic and chic?

Lynn Ban & her son Sabastian live a sophisticated and activity packed life in NYC. Lynn designs for and owns a successful jewelry company and I'm obsessed with her apartment.

When designing her son's room she wanted something timeless which she would not have to change in 5 years. Many of the accessory pieces were found on eBay.

Jenne Lombardo's photos make me want to have three kids. It seems like she can do it all and makes it look so easy! Her company The Terminal Presents is a brand-builing consultant firm.

This "large" family (for NYC standards), lives in a modern rock star inspired apartment filled with bold color & vintage off beat finds.

If you have some time, take a look through the site. All of the photos and information summarized above and on the site are taken & edited by the talented Kelly Stuart & Violet Gaynor. Girls I think we need a West Coast version!


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