Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Unique Wall Mural Idea

Leave it to the Dutch to think of this unique wall mural idea using cross stitch techniques. Cute and seems relatively doable right?

The artwork and handmade pattern designs of Eline Pellinkhof, a Netherlands-based craft material and fabric pattern freelance designer. She has designed stencil templates that can help anyone create a similar design in their home. Visit Freshome for more information and a tutorial video.

Now for those who don't like to paint, I wonder if some decal companies will copy the concept of the idea?


  1. I bet they will soon enough! :)

  2. The owl is so cute. It would look adorable in a playroom next to a reading nook...sort of the wise owl concept...you read, you become wise. Adorable. And, yes I'm certain someone is making a decal right now with this concept!