Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kids Rooms in Lonny's September/October Issue

Lonny's September/October anniversary issue came out last week and it did not disappoint. There were only two children's rooms featured in the issue.  One was eclectic and one was playful.

The first room featured was from the Park Avenue home of Alistair and Blair Clarke.  Both parents work in the art world, the father is an executive at Sotheby's and the mother is a contemporary art dealer.  Their daughters Poppy and Georgina share a room filled with a mixture of portraits, children's art and watercolor displayed gallery-style:

The second room featured is a boy's room named Corbin.  Celerie Kemble and her associate Anna Burke designed the Upper West Side apartment. They had custom dinosaur murals painted on the walls and closet doors. Don't you like how they are playful and not scary?  I also love the blue campaign side tables.  The fabric on the headboard is Color Wheel by Lulu DK. 

The last photo is not a child's room but I'm sure you have seen this map (available at Sky Mall) on walls many times for children.  Here designer David Flint Wood  uses it to wallpaper a bathroom - genius!


  1. The girls room is so cute! I have not had time to read the new Lonny...must get to that! :)

  2. The map as wallpaper is amazing. love that idea!
    thanks for sharing.
    xo jpc

  3. I love those dinosaur shams in the boy's room. Does anyone know where to purchase or who makes them? Thanks! Leslie

  4. Actually I think I just answered my own question. Kind of pricey!