Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Teen Girl Rooms in House Beautiful by Pat Healing

The October issue of House Beautiful has a wonderful array of homes displaying unique styles and colors in classical homes.  One of my favorite features was of a home of a young family with three teenage girls designed by Pat Healing of HB Home.The girls all got to help pick the color palette of their rooms.  Each room is very different yet they all feature bold wallpaper, simple white monogrammed bed linens, predominantly white furniture, and stunning ceiling lighting fixtures.

The first room combines the colors of brown, pink and orange (an unexpected combination for a teen room).  To make the room more playful Healing used Splatter wallpaper from Hinson and a carpet with a  strong design.

The second daughter chose a color combination of turquoise and sprout green.  The graphic mason-like wallpaper is Le Temple Des Grecs by Studio Printworks creates a large-scale graphic design in the room.

The oldest daughter picked the color combination of aqua and black.  The wallpaper is Paradise Background by Quadrille. For the complete list of resources for these rooms and the rest of the home, check out the House Beautiful October 2011 Product Guide.

photography by Maura McEvoy

Which daughter's room do you like best?  I'm a sucker for Quadrille and turquoise so I'm picking the last one. 


  1. I like the blue room the most. Very very pretty!

  2. I love the third one, blue and green, because those are my happy colors!

  3. i might've have just fallen in love with a new idea here. LOVE LOVE LOVE the third room (blue and green).


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