Monday, October 10, 2011

High vs Low: Arcade Decals

Seriously what could be more nostalgic than a game of pac man?  I think we all grew up on that arcade game and it is still one of my favorites.  I doubt kids still have them on their playstations..Wii...etc. but maybe they do. I still think the graphics are fun and playful. Pac-Man Ghost, $48 from What is Blik

The Mac Man Maze Re-Sticks (above) are even more can create your own virtual screen shot that can be re-arranged anytime, $75 from What is Blik

The Penny Arcade Wall Decals are more simplistic and have a more juvenile look. Originally $48, on sale for $24 on Land of Nod

Oh and remember Centipede?  It was also one of my favorites!


  1. Those are fun for a play room! :) Hope you had a nice weekend.