Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Evolution of Beckett's Room

So I'm sure you all have already heard but Jenna Lyons, the president and creative director of J. Crew is unfortunately going through a divorce and all the gossip going with it. Since her Brooklyn brownstone is now for sale, new photos are available of her ever-popular son's room with its trend-starting striped ceiling. If you read this blog, you have definitely seen her son Beckett's nursery here or published in books (Room for Children), magazines (Domino) and in many blogs. Finally we have the complete evolution of Beckett's nursery:

I wonder what his next room will look like in her new house...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Real Rooms - Brother & Sister Love

This twins nursery has been making its way across the blogs the past few weeks but I still wanted to share it with those of you who aren't obsessed with blogs like I am.  The mother and master mind behind this nursery is a reader of Nursery Notations and sent me these gorgeous photos last week. I think my favorite aspect of the room is the scrabble-inspired artwork above the glider.  A great solution for a twin's room!

1- What was the inspiration for your room?
We wanted a hip and modern nursery that woould be gender neutral but very contemporary.  With twins, organization and layout are key.  We wanted the room to have nice flow but also be practical for all their needs.

2 - What was the first piece that you purchased for the room?
I fell in love with the Oeuf cribs the second I saw them.  I also knew the wall color way ahead of time because I love all things aqua. 

3 - What is your favorite aspect of the room?
I love the giant photographs.  I had the idea in mind for them when I first started designing the room, but waited until we took these photos at four months before I took the plunge.  I'm glad I waited because their newborn shots would not have done the room justice.  These photos truly capture their personalities.

4 - Now that your room is complete, what would you change or do differently if you could?
I honestly have no regrets.  We moved into a new home when the twins were four months.  Their original nursery was wonderful but very cramped.  It really helped me to design this nursery both in regards to space and organization.

5 - Please share some of your sources with our readers!
The photos above the bed were taken by Shelley Armenio ( She also shot the pictures of the room.

The cribs are Oeuf Classic Cribs in walnut. The glider is Pottery Barn Baby and the xoxo pillow is from Pottery Barn Teen {discontinued}. The rug is chevron from West Elm. The mobiles above the crib are Pottery Barn baby.
The changing table is Bellini with knobs changed out with turquoise/aqua ones from Anthropologie.

The graphic art above the changer and in the bathroom was designed and printed by me. I run a stationery studio and blog in Boca Raton called Papery & Cakery {}. I also provided the tray on the changing table.
The pear mirror is Jonathan Adler, representing our "pair" of babies.

Both the giant scrabble letters as well as the adorable whale kleenex box are from Etsy

Thank you Niki for share some insight into the design of your wonderful room!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Bunk Room Friday - Grey & Red

This a creative twist on a bunk room: two beds horizontal and two beds vertical.  It takes up more floor space but if the top bunks are only for guests, it definitely makes it easier to make those bottom beds if they are used every day.  I'm also a fan of the grey with red trim combo.

image via Pinterest

Mom's Thanksgiving Table

My mom's Thanksgiving table was too fabulous to not share with you all!  She truly has a talent in table-scaping.  Martha Stewart, eat your heart out....

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

via Pinterest

Fabulous Find - Burlap Children's Tent

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I found this tent on Rosenberry Rooms and thought that the price point and easy storage characteristics make it a great fort and nook alternative for a kid's room or playroom. I think my son might be getting one of these for Christmas.  Better yet the posts come in an array of colors suitable for any decor. The banner is only $7 and can also be personalized

54" T x 42" L x 31" W

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Real Rooms - Fabulous Fete Nursery

Today's nursery was designed by event and wedding planner Kristin of Fabulous Fete for her son.  This rooms has a classic traditional East Coast vibe with a punch of drama from the fabulous rug - a la Mary McDonald.  Don't you love the added monogram on the roman shade too?  There is so much attention to detail in this room you can tell she has a designer's eye when planning weddings.

1- What was the inspiration for your room?
I love monograms and wanted a baby nursery with a monogram but one that doesn't look to childish or children's themed.

2 - What was the first piece that your purchased for the room?
The antique colored engraving of children playing.  I found it on eBay and knew that it would go in a child's nursery, it didn't matter if it was a boy or girls room.

3 - What is your favorite aspect of the room?
The rug and drapes.

4 - Now that your room is complete, what would your change or do differently if you could?
I'd get a different chest, now we have a dark coffee colored chest instead of the white chest.  The white chest was so old that it was hard to open the drawers with one hand!  I also might get a rug made from different materials or weave.  The rug has a lot of link that comes off when the baby plays and the lint gets on his toys and on us when we sit on the floor.

Please share some of your sources with our readers:
Rug - Pottery Barn (not Pottery Barn Kids) found on eBay
Drapes - Blackout navy drapes from Pottery Barn Kids
White Roman Shades - Pottery Barn
Drape Rods - Restoration Hardware
Crib - Stanley Young America Isabella Crib
Changing Table - Bratt Decor
Crib Sack, Tissue Box, Pillow on Chair - Leontine Linens
Side Table near glider - family antique
Glider - Little Castle

Thank you Kristin for sharing this room with our readers!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fabulous Finds - Chalet Dollhouse

Now that I have a little girl I can't help but look at toys and clothing for girls all the time.  I'm obsessed with this modern Chalet Dollhouse.  Not only is it good looking but the set comes with the house and all the pieces and it is made of non-toxic natural materials.

available at Bloume Baby on-line and in Manhattan Beach for $250

Real Rooms - Pretty in Pink

Today's nursery comes to us from Charleston, SC.  The parents are actually very good friends of mine and it was fun to watch this room come together over e-mails and inspirational images.  They decided to go very bold and bright for the walls with a more contrasting traditional rug and I think it turned out fabulous!

1 - What was the inspiration for your room?
We saw an ad in the Maine Cottage catalogue that used coral and aqua in a bedroom as the two main colors and absolutely loved it!!! I knew I wanted something feminine but didn't want the classic baby pink.

2 - What was the first piece that you purchased for the room?
Once we decided on the two colors we went looking for a rug.  It was the first item we purchased and is also my favorite piece in the room.

3 - What is your favorite aspect of the room?
Other than the rug, I love the little reading nook with all of Miden's dolls and stuffed animals.  It just always looks cozy and inviting.

Images above take by Leigh Webber Photography 

4 - Now that your room is complete, what would you change or do differently if you could?
There isn't one thing I would change.  I love it!!!

Please share some of your sources in the room with our readers:
Dresser - Antique from my husband's grandmother
Crib & Changing Table - Jenny Lind 
Bedding - Serena & Lily
Bunny & Bird Watercolor - found in a local Pinehurst shop by Vermont artist Amber Alexander
Sheep Mobile - Bla Bla
Lighting Fixture - Stray Dog Designs
Artichoke Lamp - Found at Home Goods

Thank you Mollie for sharing Miden's beautiful room! 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Fabulous Finds - Balloon Dog Book Ends

Did I mention that I'll also be featuring a fabulous find every day this week?!

Something to fill up those empty bookshelves...

Giving a Gift That Gives Back

I'm sure everyone is worn out from Black Friday and Cyber Monday but if you still have a few gifts to cross off on your list, how about giving one that gives back?  Check out my post on Project Nursery for a few of my favorite gifts that your friends and family would love to receive and at the same time proceeds of the sale give back to various causes in need.

Real Rooms - Shepherd's Nursery

I've decided to make this week Real Rooms week.  Yes all the rooms I show are real but many of them have been styled and designed by magazines and professionals.  But many of you have absolutely stunning rooms which deserve to be shared with other children's design lovers like yourselves.

To kick us off, here is a room of a little boy named Shepherd (great name BTW).  Being from Texas myself, the room has a great subtle western feeling without necessarily having a "theme".

1 - What was the inspiration for your room?
I wanted the room to reflect things my husband likes...from the blue walls and bedding to the burn orange pillows and valances (he is a proud Texas Longhorn).

2 - What was the first piece that you purchased for the room?
Longhorn cowhide rug.

3 - What is your favorite aspect of the room?
I love the daybed with the trundle.  We have already used it so much, from late night feedings to having my nieces spend the night.

4 - Now that your room is complete, what would you change or do differently if you could?
I had professional pictures taken a couple of times and I would have left more wall space for those to be hung.  I am currently trying to refigure and it is hard!

Thank you Whitney for sharing this fabulous nursery!  I personally love the Ikat upholstered stool with your cowhide rug.  See you tomorrow with our next reader's room!

Photos taken by Christi Cosper of Candid Chic Photography

Littlest Mammoth Winner

Congrats to lucky #7 (my lucky number) Jennie on winning your choice of a Littlest Mammoth print.

Your favorite was also Alphabirds!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Bunk Room Friday - Simplicity

Simplicity Rules

via Pinterest

Thursday, November 17, 2011

High vs Low - Juju Hats

Juju Hats, or Cameroon feather headdresses are a fun and unexpected way to bring three dimensional design into any space. I used one in a design for a client's daughter's room in Los Angeles (above) as a decorative accent over the bed because it is light and earthquake safe. They are available in an assortment of sizes and colors and can work with almost any decor.

The JuJu Hates made with real feathers will run you anywhere from $300-$600. I'm currently obsessing over the yellow one below..

I've found the largest assortment of colors and sizes (including the large one above and mini one below) on Table Tonic


A cheaper alternative is a wool JuJu Hat such as the one below from Etsy

Available in a 13" size in off-white, pink, purple and green for $55 

I personally think they would be really cute for decorating for the holidays, almost as snowflakes on a wall.

If you like DIY projects, here is breakdown of making your own wool one like the one above from Design Sponge.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Open House

Tonight is open house night in Manhattan Beach! One of my favorite nights of the year! Let the holiday shopping begin! Come join us from 6-9 pm for snacks and beverages at all the stores.

Children's Rooms by Greg Natale

Greg Natale is a Sydney-based architect and designer who has quite a few children's rooms in his portfolio.  He has two consistent looks, modern and hollywood regency glamour.  I see a lot of Kelly Wearstler and Jonathan Adler influence in his designs.

Now I thought I liked wallpaper....I've never seen so much in a portfolio and these are only the children's rooms.