Thursday, November 17, 2011

High vs Low - Juju Hats

Juju Hats, or Cameroon feather headdresses are a fun and unexpected way to bring three dimensional design into any space. I used one in a design for a client's daughter's room in Los Angeles (above) as a decorative accent over the bed because it is light and earthquake safe. They are available in an assortment of sizes and colors and can work with almost any decor.

The JuJu Hates made with real feathers will run you anywhere from $300-$600. I'm currently obsessing over the yellow one below..

I've found the largest assortment of colors and sizes (including the large one above and mini one below) on Table Tonic


A cheaper alternative is a wool JuJu Hat such as the one below from Etsy

Available in a 13" size in off-white, pink, purple and green for $55 

I personally think they would be really cute for decorating for the holidays, almost as snowflakes on a wall.

If you like DIY projects, here is breakdown of making your own wool one like the one above from Design Sponge.


  1. That's neat! I wouldn't have thought of using yarn like that. Cool!

  2. I love that room you've done. Great colour combo!

  3. Love your blog! Leave mine so you can see my wall decals' collection and other works:
    Best regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  4. Thanks for the mention! Just to clarify, the Etsy version, and the tutorial are both from my blog, Design Sponge republished it after I originally created it. I sell them on Etsy for those people that don't want to make it themselves.

  5. What a great idea for unique wall decor. Love the pink/orange room for a girl. Where is the fern-like pillow fabric from?