Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Interior Designer Fawn Galli's Children's Spaces

I saw the room above last week in a post from the blog Bijou and Boheme and had to take a look at the complete portfolio of the New York designer Fawn Galli.  She has quite a few children's rooms in her portfolio which is a little unusual but right up my alley.  Her designs are more sophisticated in nature, but in general we are seeing that trend in children's design.  Especially in locations such as New York where the living spaces are smaller, clients tend to want their children's rooms to flow well with their home instead of standing out as something that screams little kids. Enjoy her designs.  Notice that although many of the spaces are sophisticated in color she always has whimsical elements in each space to lighten the mood.


  1. I LOVE the bed in the first one. Just gorgeous!

  2. That tiny bright room shows how to use a small space well.