Friday, December 23, 2011

Bunk Room Friday - Family Style

This is an interesting take on a bunk room...perfect for the weekend with your parents.  Mom and dad can sleep in the big beds and put the kids in the bunks right next to them.  Now this is what you call a true family room!

For 30 more bunk room inspirations to show your in-laws over the weekend as inspiration to help the over crowding during the holidays, visit this post by Freshome. They have put together a nice selection. A bunk room by Andrika King Design even made it in there # 15. 

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!  I'm going to try and take off blogging next week and will be back in 2012! If you need your Nursery Notations fix, just read through our archives.  You have three years of posts to rummage through!


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