Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Parson's Play Table from West Elm

Thank you to Nursery Notations reader Heather for tipping me off to the new Parson's Play Table by West Elm.

I'm in love!  I have two parson's desks from them at my house already and even better this Parson's Play Table is available in tangerine!  Woo hoo!  30" square by 22" high.  I think two of these would make a great multi-functional play table/coffee table in a family room.

This is giving the Jennifer DeLonge Grace Square Set (which is still out of stock for over a year, pictured below) a run for their money!

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  1. Andika, this post is perfect. I've been searching for a couple weeks on a play table and chairs (high and low price points) and couldn't decide. The bunny chairs are great too!! THANK YOU.