Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Those Serene Europeans

Why do European bedrooms always seem so serene?  

It must be the lack of color thatI find so hard to actually emulate in practice for children's rooms.  What is your preference bold color or monotone like this one above?


  1. :-) Isn't it funny? There are actually 2 very opposing European views on kids bedrooms ad nurseries. This one is actually more southern European - mostly Spanish and French, or should I say Mediterranean. The Belgian go there too! :-)
    Then there is the northern European / nordic (think IKEA, even if high end manufacturers are chosen) - plenty of bright colours, more modern in style.
    My favourite is truly, by far, and especially for nurseries, the first one. Maybe it's because I am Portuguese, but I find it so relaxing and wonderful to have a neutral palette. And you have no idea how hard - maybe you do :-) - it is to get clients to go that route here in the USA.
    By the way, LOVE your blog and it's always a happy moment of my day when your new posts come into my inbox! :-)