Monday, March 19, 2012

Moving Rooms

Remember a few weeks ago when I showed you how this boy's room:

Used to be a girl's room:

So where might you ask did the little girl go?  Well her room got moved down the hall and she actually upgraded into a larger room with a lot more play space. To keep things simple since she won't be in get crib for much longer, we kept the same colors and furniture,  and just added a few changes with artwork, a new rug and accessories.  

photography by Liz Lonkey of Life Iz Photography


  1. That is such a great space! You did a wonderful job! xoxo ps- be sure to stop by my blog today for a springy giveaway! :) xxo

  2. Any idea where to get those great morracan looking laundry baskets?

  3. What a loveley trasnformation. Would you mind sharing the source for the artwork?

    1. Anonymous, the butterfly images are by Jennifer Mercede from Oopsy daisy, Fine Art for Kids.

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