Sunday, April 1, 2012

Super Heroes Around the World

An interesting modern home in Poland designed by Wamhouse was featured on Freshome last week and it featured two very animated children's rooms.  I'm talking Spiderman galore in the first photo. I think it is funny how super heroes are loved by children around the world. My son and some of his friends would die for this Spiderman room but I'd let it happen over my dead body.  I like a more calming yet still interesting environment for toddlers.  I'd be ok with the web and the primary colors but not him or that spider staring me down when I read bedtime stories!

This second room I could handle.  I like the anime-inspired mountain rage mural....especially for a ski house playroom!


  1. Love your 'interesting' comment! Sure is....not something that I would do either!