Tuesday, June 26, 2012

High vs Low - Kind of

I know that you are not really supposed to apologize in blog posts but I am going to anyways.  I apologize for neglecting you all for the past few weeks and for the next few weeks to come.  I'm slammed with work right now (loving every minute of it) and my poor blog is the lowest priority on the totem pole.  I promise to have some great spaces to share with you soon and I'll try and post some of my favorite "pins" from Pinterest every week.

In the meantime, while on the search for some lighting for a client's home remodel, I ran across a pretty substantial High vs Low.

The high is the beautiful Faux Bois Floor Lamp from Oly.  It comes in a few finish options and brings a nice touch of playful nature to any room.  The price is $2100 so not in the average children's room budget.

The next step lower is the Blum Wood Floor Lamp by Stray Dog Designs.  It too comes in an away of color choices and retails for $725 (1/3 of the price). Only bummer is that there is no bird!

If you like the look and can do with just a table lamp, the next option is the Sarah Lamp for $455.  I have used it in a few projects and love its playful nature in girls' rooms.

designed by Andrika King Design

The least expensive alternative for a similar look is the Branch Lamp from West Elm for $99.


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