Monday, July 16, 2012

Fun Find - Antonia Press

I was shopping on Abbot Kinney with some friends in Venice this weekend and came across some adorable cards from a company called Antonia Press. The cards were so cute and whimsical, I was hoping that they had prints available for sale and it turns out they do!

My favorite collection is "The Magic World of Uti"painted by Cristina Ghelfi .  These print images are available in 6x6" prints ($60) or 12"x12" glicee canvases ($120).  I personally like larger pieces of artwork so would opt for the glicee canvases.

Here are a few of my favorites in the collection:

I might need to get this last one for Miss P's room.  She has the same perfectly round face as these characters.


  1. I love love love the one with the little guy on the books! AWesome!

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