Saturday, September 22, 2012

A House Built Just For Kids

I don't think I have ever seen a home like this before.

The entire loft apartment looks like it was designed just for kids.  Every room features bright, playful and modern colors and designed by Inc Architecture and Design in NYC.

I was first drawn to this house because of the genius indoor playhouse. The Cole & Son wallpaper is a perfect backdrop to the modern masterpiece.

Then the rest of the children's rooms were just as fabulous with private play spaces in each room.  I suppose you need to make sure children have plenty of hide away space if you live in a loft with an open floor plan.

The blue playroom wall almost serves as a rotating gallery for the children's artwork.

Have you ever seen a blue piano before? This family is definitely no afraid of color!


  1. I had seen all these photos individually, but had no idea they were in the same home!

  2. These are gorgeous, each one. I love the playroom concept up top with the greens.

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