Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Celebrity Mollly Sims Nursery

Now you know that blue is one of my favorite colors with turquoise being first and periwinkle being second. That is why I'm so drawn to the soft yet sophisticated design of Molly Sims nursery.  I saw these photos on Elements of Style today and had to share them with you.  It has a subtle bohemian vibe which seems to suite Molly perfectly.

Now if you like the look here are some details on the items used:

Fabric for the bedding, I'm almost 100% sure it is a custom bed set using John Robshaw's Shali Lapis.

Now the crib looks like the Austin crib from Duc Duc. 

I thought the dresser was from Duc Duc too but I don't see the style on their site, maybe it is a custom design or an old style but it looks like a piece from their collection.

The adorable animal prints above the bed are from the Animal Shop by Sharon Montrose.


  1. Your bedding prediction was right on:

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