Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Nursery Design by Sissy and Marley

Well the ladies at Sissy and Marley have done it again - they have created a calming, sophisticated nursery that could compliment almost any decor.  The soft neutral tones makes it a perfect design for the parent who wants their nursery to seamlessly blend with their home or is a wonderful alternative for the parents who want to keep the gender of their baby a surprise!

The giraffe seems to rule the roost in this design and I love how he is repeated subtly in almost every space.  And who doesn't love those baby animal prints by Sharon Montrose? The crib is the Sleepi by Stokke and you can't miss the Eames style rocker. Little Finn is a lucky baby!

If you are looking for help with e-design for your child's room I highly recommend contacting them.  I'm not taking e-design clients at the moment as I'm working full time with my clients here in Los Angeles but send all my inquiries in their direction as we have similar aesthetic styles.

Chelsea, thank you for sharing these beautiful photographs taken by Marco Ricca Photography.


  1. Hi Andrika! This is amazing and does remind me of your style. Hope you are well,


  2. Where is this gray ottoman pouf from? Love it.

  3. Love the rocking chair!

  4. I'd also like to know where the gray pouf is from! Loving the cardboard bins / storage too.

  5. The grey pouf is from The Land of Nod: http://www.landofnod.com/pull-up-a-pouf-grey-variegated/f10938

  6. love it! Is that stokke crib in the walnut color?

  7. Where is the grey/white stripped rug from? I love it!

  8. Also, please do tell where the light fixture with the gray shade is from? I love it

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