Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Minted's Birth Announcement Inspiration Board Challenge

My favorite on-line stationary store - Minted, is hosting a Birth Announcement Inspiration Board Challenge.  They are giving away over $2000 in prizes and you can win just by creating an inspiration board and embedding it to your blog.  It is extremely easy to enter as they have software on the site that you can use to upload images and create your board. And if you like Pinterest or Polyvore, this is the contest for you!  So get off Facebook and turn off your favorite trashy TV show and get to work!  The contest ends on Monday March 25th so you only have a few more days.

My top three favorite deign boards so far entered into the contest:

Peach and Pink by Brittany Warren:

Bebe Story by Rufina:

Not So Wild West by Ann Gardner:

Ok I had to add in one wedding board from another challenge because it was too pretty to pass up, but it shows the true beauty of inspiration:

Havana Wedding by Lauren Chism

Good luck!


  1. Love the color combinations of Blues & Red in Bebe Story! And the wedding tropical beach feel IS too fab to pass up!

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