Friday, March 15, 2013

Personal Updates and Sneak Peeks

So I guess it is time for some personal updates!  I've been pretty busy the past few months working on some wonderful projects. Most of them are full service clients and I've actually even been working on more living spaces and full homes than anything.  But I have a few projects from the end of last year that I finally got around to getting photographed so I'll be sharing those with you in the next two weeks. I have about six more that need to be photographed in April and am dying to share those with you!

Here is a sneak peek:
Client's Nursery

Big Sister's Room

But on a more personal level I'm 21 weeks pregnant! Yup! #3 will be here in July! (Here I am all dolled up for a wedding in Sea Island, GA a few weeks ago, belly in full glory.)

We are over the moon with joy and nervous about the new challenges of changing to a household of 5! But I feel great and have had a relatively easy pregnancy so far. So my busy work schedule and personal family addition have sadly taken time away from this blog.  But if you need inspiration between blog posts I'm constantly posting current projects on Instagram like the bunk room below which is almost completed. (You can find me under andrikaso) and on Pinterest.

And don't forget that I write bi-monthly posts on Project Nursery such as my High vs Low last week on Project Nursery on Round Leather Mirrors, and monthly product ideabooks on Houzz


  1. I've been neglecting keeping up on my blog reading and just started catching up on yours and saw this! Congratulations! So exciting for your family and you look stunning.

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  3. Hello. I love the tulip fabric in the big sisters room! Do you know where I can buy the fabric or bedding? Or order it? Thank you!

  4. I also really love the tulip fabric in the big sister's room and would love to know the manufacturer. Thank you!

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